First-author publications

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Testing velocity kinks as a planet-detection method. Do velocity kinks in surface gas emission trace planetary spiral wakes in the midplane continuum?

Speedie, J. and Dong, R., (2022). ApJ Letters, 940(2), L43.

Observing planet-driven dust spirals with ALMA

Speedie, J. Booth, R.A., and Dong, R., (2022). ApJ, 930, 40 (22pp).

Turbulent viscosity and the bifurcation of planet formation histories

Speedie, J. Pudritz, R.E., Cridland A.J., Booth R., and Meru F., (2022). MNRAS, 510(4), 6059-6084.

The structure and stability of extended, inclined circumplanetary disk or ring systems

Speedie, J. and Zanazzi, J.J., (2020). MNRAS, 497(2), 1870–1883.

Undergraduate publications

Published in undergraduate-refereed journals

Improved surface gravity and mass constraints for substellar objects from spectral line profile measurements at high resolution in the near-infrared

Speedie, J. and Lafrenière, D., (2019). The iScientist, Vol. IV, 4(1), 3-14.

Star formation and morphology of galaxies in local compact groups

Speedie, J. and Parker, L.C., (2018). The iScientist, Vol. III, 3(1), 3-12.